Why choose us?

Some good reasons

Originally the word “garni” meant “tastefully furnished, stocked, well equipped” accommodation and perfectly reflects what you can find at the Hotel Sportivo: all the comforts and services of a hotel, but with the care and attention of being hosted by a family.

We offer you everything you could wish for in a stress-free mountain holiday: comfort, style, cleanliness, a satisfying breakfast to get your day off to a good start, a location close to the lifts and the start of the trails, while at the same time being in the centre of town. Another plus is that you aren’t tied to a restaurant: you can dine at a different place every night, also letting yourself be guided by our suggestions.

The character we want to share with you is that of the “Sportsman”, of those who love things that are simple but well planned, being independent but in unison with the territory, of those who want to breathe nature close up, forgetting about the car in the garage.

Try the Sportivo Breakfast

Breakfast is the only meal we serve, so we try to prepare it to the best of our ability.

It inherits the tradition of our historic Alpine dairy, updated to the taste and variety of current days.

We introduce it to you here.

0598 Garni dello Sportivo perche sceglierci colazione sana campiglio
0507 Garni dello Sportivo perche sceglierci madonna campiglio

Relax at the bar

We have a small bar open all day and in the evening until 9.30 pm. It is exclusive to our guests and therefore very quiet. In summer it extends to a small outdoor terrace.

It’s a great place to stop for a snack on your way back from a day out, enjoy an aperitif before dinner, treat yourself to a coffee or relax with a herbal tea before heading back to your room. If it’s winter, try grandpa Giorgio’s legendary hot chocolate.

Dine wherever you wish

As a hotel-garni, we do not have an in-house restaurant, so you can choose to dine wherever you like.

Depending on your tastes and desires, we can suggest more than one spot. You can decide to stay in the village or go further out, choose the remote chalet or the Michelin-starred venue, try traditional cuisine or its contemporary variants. Each guest is different – but also every day is different – and that’s as it should be.

We can book in advance for you, and your host will know that you are from Hotel Sportivo.

Cena Garni dello Sportivo perche sceglierci consigli cena campiglio

Feeling at home

With us you will find a friendly and familiar atmosphere. We like to make you feel at ease and spoil you; but we also respect your privacy: ours is a discreet presence that emerges only when needed.

Reception… that’s us and you’ll always find someone to provide you with information or help on anything at all. We live above the garni and are always on call – you’ll never disturb us.

Do you practice sport or are you a beginner?

Here everyone – whether expert or not – can have fun, improve, experiment and learn.

For lessons and rental of skis, mountain bikes and e-bikes, we have an agreement with the National Ski School-Des Alpes, where Enrico, one of us (Elisa’s brother, read our story), can be your guide and instructor.

Discover our services for sport lovers

Ask us for advice on exploring the mountains in summer and winter, we also have an agreement with the Madonna di Campiglio Group of Alpine Guides.

Forget about your car

We are a mere 20 metres from the Pradalago cableway, which means that in the morning you have breakfast, turn the corner and you are already at the lift. When you return, you arrive here directly from the slopes, and in a few steps you are at the hotel to change.

Same thing in summer: if you go trekking or cycling, you don’t need the car; many paths and hiking trails lead off from here.

Madonna di Campiglio’s pedestrian area is just 150 metres away.

Basically, you can forget about the car, unless you decide to use it to explore the surroundings or for some particular outing.

Get our daily suggestion

Each day, if you like, we give you tips on what to do and how best to organise your day, whatever the season and weather condition.

Often, after the first day, our guests begin to expect “The daily tip” from us, and we must admit that it is a treat we enjoy indulging in.

We can discuss routes, but also give you lots of guidance on how to use your DoloMeet Guest Card.